Why Working From Home Is Here To Stay

In April 2020, 70% of American were working remotely, according to Gallup. Today, that share is closer to 56%, even though 61% say they prefer working from home.

And now, workers are quitting their jobs at the highest rates in 20 years — in fact, it’s the highest rate ever reported by the BLS. Four million people quit their jobs in April 2021 alone.

Tens of millions of workers have learned how to work from home during a pandemic. Soon, they will need to learn how to work from the office during a pandemic. CNBC Make It spoke with futurist Amy Webb and Google’s VP of People Brian Welle about what the return to work will look like.

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Why Working From Home Is Here To Stay
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Cheppukoleni Kastallu- WFH Lo: Due to this pandemic most of the employees are working from home. Many employees are facing problems working from home. Such as salary deductions, work pressure and other problems which are rare but happening. This episode describes the pain of those employees who are eagerly waiting for the office to open even the cases are rising. This episode is dedicated to those legends!

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