⛅️ wfh setup makeover: aesthetic, functional, ergonomic | standing desk, macbook air m1, shopee haul

watch my deskspace transformation into a cozy, aesthetic, ergonomic, and functional home office & productivity workspace that is perfect for long hours of working from home, studying, content creation, studio, freelancing, etc. 🌷 [filmed on iphone]

my previous budget minimal desk setup video unexpectedly gained traction, which made all these upgrades possible, so i wanna thank you all for your support! 🥺 i promise to try making more content outside my work hours; i’m just so so thankful for this amazing, growing community we have here 🙏🏼🤍

thanks for dropping by ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

📮 contact: kristeranne.rn@gmail.com
🍯 instagram: https://www.instagram.com/krister.anne/
🥑 tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@krister.anne


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📻 music [please support these amazing artists]
» ‘ambon’ by luke valero: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzgBegShiB0
» ‘forever stay’ by ian fredrickson: https://soundcloud.com/ianfredrickson/forever-stay-demo
» ‘study nerd’ lofi jazz playlist by trees and lucy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LteiBvt7l0A

🔖 products featured
» aoc u28p2u 28-inch 4K monitor: https://shp.ee/s4kk5z3
» monitor arm mount: https://shp.ee/eyastuf
» ergonomic office chair: https://shp.ee/n2hdiep
» wooden laptop stand & dock: https://shp.ee/vjg6brq
» ugreen usb hub: https://shp.ee/whwgzbq
» silicone cable ties: https://shp.ee/5348rnp
» royal kludge RK G68 hotswappable mechanical keyboard: https://shp.ee/viuibtb
» wooden wrist rest: https://shp.ee/zwfstqb
» logitech pebble mouse: https://shp.ee/9j7z5wt
» wooden desk riser: https://shp.ee/zqnye78
» silicone cable organizer: https://shp.ee/wyxwxdq
» wooden phone stand: https://shp.ee/7fjq8ry
» thunlit mini aircon fan: https://shp.ee/h8adgs8
» handmade concrete tray + memo holder: https://instagram.com/lamano.ph?utm_medium=copy_link
» handmade crochet coaster: https://instagram.com/string.day?utm_medium=copy_link
» baseus monitor screen light bar: https://shp.ee/rrq3syb
» LED light strip: https://shp.ee/ta7zicp
» korean sheer white curtains: https://shp.ee/qacqkmt
» black nordic floor lamp: https://shp.ee/6w5pz6d
» vintage/retro flip clock with calendar (sm dept store); similar item here: https://shp.ee/m37yp4r

🏷 products gifted by Stance Philippines: https://bit.ly/3DdCuXZ
» manual standing desk (150×70 cm)
» easymount basic monitor mount
» betterwork lite office chair (white)

use my code: KRISTER10
to get 10% off your total purchase ☺

💡 thunlit mini aircon fan with night light & diffuser function
» shopee link: https://shp.ee/xphstnt
» official website: https://www.thunlit.com/fan/air-conditioner-fan.html

🎧 PQ earbuds – world’s first wireless earbuds with magnetic interchangeable batteries
» official website: https://pqearbuds.com
» kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zota/worlds-first-battery-exchangeable-wireless-earbuds?ref=ew2eje

*disclosure: i only recommend products/services i would use myself & all opinions expressed here are my own. some links here are affiliate links: i may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you, which helps support this little channel 🌷

🖥 desktop wallpaper
Promises (feat. Joe L Barnes & Naomi Raine) // Maverick City | TRIBL

🪴 plant name
‘geranium aralia’ aka ‘wild coffee’


// where are you from?
// what is your profession?
registered nurse + research editor
// what camera/equipment do you use for filming?
iphone xs max, dji OM4, rode videomicro
// what do you use for editing?
macbook air m1 + final cut pro

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Woman’s (Harjas Sethi) rant on going back to office after Work From Home Goes Viral

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Watch WFH Viral Video of Harjas Sethi

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